Secure messenger powered by blockchain|


  • Encrypted messaging

    Transmitted messages are being encrypted with xsalsa20-poly1305.

  • Traffic anonymity

    Message source and destination can't be determined. When message enters network it gets distributed through multiple peers.

  • We don't have your data

    there are no servers. All user data is being stored and transmitted(in encrypted form) via decentralized network.

  • Can't be blocked

    Decentralized architecture means it's almost impossible to interfere with network passability

Multi cryptocurency wallet

  • Send any popular cryptocurrency right inside messenger dialogue.

  • Your friends won't have to wait since all internal transactions are instant.

  • Convert currencies on the fly.

  • No additional transaction fee for bitcoin.

  • No service fees at all.

Group Chats

News channels

App market

  • Make purchases and make gifts, get news, music, books, cinema, and share it with friends. Meet, reserve hotels, order food, taxi and use any decentralized services directly from a conversation.



Technology that is most protected and closest to needs of chat applicationnowadays is blockchain wallet with it's peer network. It is decentralized and virtually unblockable. It has reliable authentication system. Multiblockchain is the next step. Our technology distributes different data types along different chains and in combination with several kinds of encryption creates most flexible and protected communication network.


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We have a lot of work to make our application look as designed and pleasing functional completeness, without compromising safety. Meanwhile, you can test the beta version.

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